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 African Sand Cast Beads
 These cylinder shaped African sand cast beads
 measure about 7 x 12mm and have a hole large
 enough to fit up a 2mm cord. They come packaged
 in matched pairs - 10 pairs - 20 beads per package.
 These beads look great when used with our wire
 wrapped fossil shark teeth.
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 500 Ceramic Disk Beads
These pretty disk shaped beads measure about 6mm.
 The colors are very bright - pink, blue, yellow, orange
 and green. They are from the early 1970's and have
 been in storage since then. The hole size is big
 enough to fit up to a 1mm cord. The picture shows
 500 disk beads strung - yours will come loose in a zip
 lock bag. More Information...
 10' Glass Beads from India
These beautiful glass beads are from India and come
 strung on 2 five foot long necklaces. The necklaces
 can be worn as is or taken apart to use in your own
 jewelry. This is a nice selection of mostly blue beads
 in lamp-work, rounds, ovals and others.
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 1/2 Pound of Mixed Glass Seed Beads
This wonderful mix of glass beads comes in a mix of
 colors which go well together. They can be randomly
 strung, like in my picture, for great results. 1/2 pound
 of seed beads is equal to about 224 grams of beads.
 This translates into thousands of beads - enough for
 many projects. More Information...
 Over 1000 Small Glass Beads
These beautiful little glass beads are from India and
 come strung on 2 5' long necklaces. They can be worn
 as is or re-strung to create your own jewelry. There
 are about 110 beads per foot so you get well over
 1000 beads! More Information...

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